The Process of Speech

Gurdjieff's Enneagram

Describing speech, even when we leave out any opinion about what is said, reveals the mechanical nature of the human system. Understanding and reaching a conscious detachment from the act of speaking will allow the student to avoid objectification. It is excellent training to exist in a way which is quite separated from what one says. This consciousness of speech elevates the activity above “automatic speaking” and enables the student to self-remember during all discourse of any nature.

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  • An Introduction to Speech: The Big Picture
  • Back to the Third Planetary Imperative or Something Like It
  • Planetary Imperatives Explained (again)
  • Food for the Moon: The Care and Feeding of the Trogoautoegocrat
  • Diagram: Part I Transformation of Accretion Debris to “Life on Earth”
  • Transformation: A Law We Can Live With (How to make Things from Dust in Your Own Home)
  • Diagram: A Four and a Half Chapter History of Conversation
  • Start with One Bucket of Whatever You Got (Let It Learn Something, Say “Howdy” to the New Thing, Keep Going)
  • Diagram: Great Nature’s Approach to Speech Development
  • The Inevitable Dungeon of Horrible Mathematics (An Understanding Inflicted Through Blood, Pain and Suffering — Not Really)
  • Galactic Theatre
  • Diagram: Part II: Sound in the World — Its Meaning and Purpose
  • Diagram: Part III: The Essential Impact of Sound in the Contemporary World
  • One Last Glimpse at an Even Bigger Picture (If it Weren’t Speech, It Would Simply Be Something Else)
  • The Mechanical Act of Speech (Sound Without Meaning)
  • Speech and the Outer Space Hour
  • The Chicken, the Egg and the Stereo (An Amplified Story of What Came and What Came First)
  • Diagram: Cartoon, Rocky the Homo Erectus
  • Let’s Talk (Understanding How It’s Done Without Being Judgmental)
  • Synchronous Primary and Secondary Models for Speech Transmission
  • Diagram: Brain Systems Equipment Adjacent to the Process of Speech Creation
  • Diagram: Beginning Steps of the Secondary Model
  • But What If Our Thoughts Aren’t Pure? (Manipulation, Lies, Control and Persuasion. It’s all Human. It’s all Fair.)
  • Speech as a Structure of the Three-Fold Way (Triamazikamno: Talking and Common Cosmic Law)
  • Chit Chat in the Australopithecine Coffee Shop (Can We Get Far Enough Away from Talking to Actually Hear It?)
  • Exploring the Conceptual Symbolizer (Brain Systems: [SYM] Our Special Silent Partner for all Communication)
  • Nuts and Bolts, SYM [Conceptual Symbolizer] Style (How Do You Make a Sentence Anyway?)
  • It Seemed Like the Right Thing to Say, But (How Fast Can We Fix It?)
  • Diagram: The Conceptual Flow of Higher Speech Elements
  • A Few Final Thoughts
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