Speech: An Introduction (Reading and Speech)

Gurdjieff's Enneagram

Considering speech in its largest sense leads to accepting its nature as a highly material phenomenon. The burden here is to establish a model of speech as it is manifest in “life on earth” which will have sufficient scope to host such a larger picture.

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This paper relies on a well developed understanding of to two specific concepts from Brain Systems. The first is that of the RPC or Reality Process Center, the incredible “working area” where the influences of centers, memory and impressions are integrated. The second is the ESS or Experiential Sensation System, the brain function which matches experienced sensations to resonant memory answering the perpetual human question, “What is it?” Naturally, such processes are strong factors in the human response to the Planetary Imperatives.

Paper refers to Ouspensky’s In Search of the Miraculous; Brain Systems, and Brain Systems Appendix B: More About Centers, papers in this series, and briefly, others.

  • A Review of Anything (and Going In or Out of Anything)
  • Diagram: Flow of Outside Reality into Inner Reality
  • Diagram: Constructions of Organism RPC Gain Materiality in the RPC of the Material World
  • Diagram: Primary Destinations of Organism RPC: Imperatives in Materiality
  • Diagram: 3rd Being Food Flows to Organism RPC from Planetary Reality Imperatives
  • Diagram: Speech Seen as Transaction with Outside Reality
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