Revisiting Me: The Emotional Part of the Moving Center

Gurdjieff's Enneagram

This class study is interposed with beginning work on recording attention. It refers heavily upon Brain Systems, especially with respect the to the ESS, the place of essence in centers and center activity, and the process of identification of experiential data with resonant memory system functions (self-selection).

Pages: 13



Although mechanical in nature, experiential processing is subject to conscious influence with proper training and effort, providing a more energetic form of impressions to one’s
reality process.

  • The Incongruity of the Emotional Part of the Moving Center (Me’s Interesting Characteristics)
  • A General View of Me’s Role in Reality Process
  • Additional Information about Center Processes
  • The New Paper: Beginning Again (My Own School Experiences with Recording Attention)
  • Matching or Self-Selection or Resonance (Choices of Process in the ESS: Experiential Sensation System)
  • An Explanation of the Nature of Our Experience in Reality
  • Class Assignment: Resolve This Model as a Foundation for Work Recording Attention
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