Brain Systems Appendix A: Notes on Conscience

Gurdjieff's Enneagram

A discussion of the three elemental parts of the intellectual part of the emotional center, identity, will, and conscience. Although class work returns to these subjects often, this paper is the first introduction to these concepts for new students.

Pages: 14




“There are perhaps no two more chilling definitions of concepts in Gurdjieff’s work than those explaining consciousness and conscience. This exploration of conscience cannot be made without a continuous reference to consciousness. Further, the direction — and esoteric altitude — of this paper will be far less elaborate than that found in various sections of Gurdjieff’s lectures in In Search of the Miraculous. Here we will attempt an exploration which will lead us to working concepts which may be useful. Perhaps a start at this juncture will assist in helping us find a path to do work and to enjoy the benefit of direct knowledge as it supports such work.”

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