Being Duty

Being Duty 1


  1. 1st Planetary Imperative – “Contribute to the planetary gene pool.” (Also implies, fulfill your individualism by adding it to the planetary gene pool.)
  2. World 48 – the Earth. Refer to Chapter 5, In Search of the Miraculous.
  3. RPC – Reality Process Center, Brain Systems nomenclature.
  4. ESS – Experiential Sensation System, Brain Systems nomenclature.
  5. Common Father, refers to (Ashiata Shiemash) Chapter 25-28, Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson. (Similar reference for Sacred Rascooarno, Kesjdan, Being Duties)
  6. Assignment of the Holy Aspects of Triamazikamno were to be added to this enneagram as class work. Give it a try!
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