Self-Awareness in the Culture of Life

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The State of Self-Awareness in the Psychology of the Life Culture

Class Notes:  August 20, 2003

This discussion centers on excerpts from several talks from G. Gurdjieff in In Search of the Miraculous.  The references for the excerpted portions are:

  • pp 30 – 35
    • Talk on the Nevsky
  • pp 17 – 22
    • Mechanical toys, mechanical boys
    • People in the world are the same
    • Self-awareness as the end of mechanicality
    • In order to do, one must be
  • pp 199 – 203
    • Magnetic center influences within and without life
    • Crystallization
    • Law unto himself
    • Gurdjieff living as a law unto himself

The subject question comes from Matt’s assertion that his job in the restaurant is “best done” with the Im (principal influence of the mechanical part of the intellectual center), that is, best done mechanically.  Being on the path of the Fourth Way universally subtends the goal that nothing is best done mechanically.  Why would anyone want to volunteer to be asleep during any part of a lifetime?

Retreat into Mechanicality

Retreat into mechanicality is always the product of either laziness or fear.  If one is too lazy to exert the effort for consciousness (it requires no additional exertion at all), there is no answer but to sleep.  If a student holds fear concerning the process of consciousness, most often fear associated with some part of life (A Influences), his understanding of his place in life is in error.  Self-awareness exists on a plane conveniently above mechanical life.  It is clear, casual and comfortable.

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